Marta Moreu

Marta Moreu


Marta Moreu

Born on 6 June 1961 in Barcelona, art has always been at the core of Marta Moreu’s life, sharing her love with her family and a special interest in sculpture with her father. In 1977 she took courses in design and painting and later on took the Fine Arts admittance examination. In 1980 she was accepted at the Fine Arts Faculty of Barcelona. Additionally, due to a strong interest in teaching, she combined her art studies with those of teaching at the Blanquerna Teaching School. In 1983 she obtained the Diploma of General Elementary Education and in 1985 she obtained the Diploma in Fine Arts with a specialization in Sculpture.

On completing her university studies she lived in Minneapolis (U.S.A.), where she began creating in a ceramics workshop, thus learning a new range of techniques. Later on, she took a monographic course in ceramic processes at the Llotja Arts and Crafts School in Barcelona (1989).

She also lived for four months in the German city of Düsseldorf, where she studied German expressionism and visited numerous museums and art galleries.

On 28 June 1987 she married Jose and they subsequently had three children: Andrea, Oriol and Sara. After her wedding, she settled in Barcelona and dedicated almost all her time to teaching, alternating with sporadic sculpture commissions, mainly portraits.

It was in 1990 that she started focusing on her personal work at a sculpture workshop, shared with other artists, in Esplugas de Llobregat, and dedicating less time to teaching.

Marta Moreu

In 1992 she moved with her family to Paris, where she lived for a year, intensively creating her most representative work up until that time at her small workshop located on Rue Lavoisier.

After her return to Barcelona, she continued studying and working at her Esplugas workshop, presenting several individual and collective exhibitions in Barcelona and Madrid to show the sculptural work she had accomplished during the previous year.

In September 1994 she moved to Madrid with her family, continuing her sculpture work at the workshop on Ramón Patuel Street and teaching a sculpture class. She remained in Madrid until November 1996. While living there, she started working with a foundry in Arganda del Rey, Madrid; a collaboration that still continues today. During these years of working with the foundry, she began creating most of her artwork in bronze, instead of the materials she had used previously like clay, wood and stone.

She returned to Barcelona at the end of 1996 where she remained until the beginning of 1999. In those years she established herself in a new workshop in the old Sarriá neighbourhood. She put on several exhibitions in Barcelona and Brussels as well as undertaking some important commissions for the Barcelona City Council.

In early 1999 she returned to Paris, establishing herself this time in the 6ème Arrondissement in a tiny workshop between St. Germain and the Luxembourg Gardens. This was the year of her definitive consolidation as an artist. It was also during this time that she started working with galleries in Paris and New York, further enhancing her international development.

In 2001 she returned to Barcelona. This time, a fortuitous circumstance enabled her to recover her first workshop in Esplugas, providing a wonderful and unique space of 400 square meters where she can fully dedicate herself to sculpting without the need to teach. 2001 was an important year for her because she put on her first individual exhibition in New York and started exhibiting in Paris, Barcelona and the United States on a regular basis.

The years living in Barcelona have been extremely productive for Marta because she  was able to take advantage of a more stable situation, without any changes of home or workplace; she has been able to dedicate herself fully to artistic creation. Since 2003 she has been living between Barcelona and Begur (in the Ampurdan area of Girona province) where she has a second home.

Marta Moreu

In 2005 she decides to buy a new studio in  the neighborhood of Sants (Barcelona) where she will establish her definitive  base . This space provides Marta a permanent place to work and store her art during her travels.

In august of 2008 she and her family decided to move to Miami where she will live two exiting years. She’s been living in South Beach and working in wynwood at the Bakehouse where she has a studio. The Bakehouse has been for Marta one of the best places to work. There she s found many artists to share her experiences and she has been developing a new collection of sculptures based on nature in a very inspiring ambience. She’s been learning in Dade college of Kendal the foundry process in depth and working with Lazaro who owns a foundry in Miami and runs it with all his Cuban family.

Her next destination was México where she was living with her husband a wonderful year making some comissions and working with the foundry Campanas Sonoras in D.F.

On December 2011 they moved back to Barcelona but six months latter her husband Jose passed away. It has been very dificult to Marta and her children this new life without Jose.

Now Marta lives in Barcelona and continues with her personal work and gives some scultpture courses at her studio in Sants.

For Marta Moreu, life has presented years of constant travelling. Her desire to visit and understand other cultures has taken her to remote places like China, Thailand, South Africa, Egypt, India and Nepal, besides getting to know Europe and the entire American continent in depth, specialy United States and Mexico.

Her cultural interests have taken her to numerous museums and exhibitions around the world and she regularly attends the opera, ballet and concerts. Among her other many interests, sport forms an important part of her life. Skiing, sailing and motorcycle riding are her main interests in this respect, but she also enjoys horse-riding, surfing and classical dance.

Her husband and children have always been by her side, supporting and encouraging her in her artistic career. She has also found a great deal of backing from her collectors and gallery owners who have been a constant support to her.

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